Bunting, Barbecues And Hog Roasts – How Are You Celebrating The Coronation This weekend?

The stage is set, the flags are flying and the nation is getting ready to watch the new monarch being crowned. For most of us, this is an event that has never before happened in our lifetimes, and many people up and down the country are doing something special to mark the occasion.

We have garden parties, street parties and celebrations in local pubs, and community spaces across the UK, with food and drink aplenty for the attendees. Hog Roast Boxted are being kept very busy this weekend, providing our high standard of freshly made fare for events in our local area. From a classic hog roast centrepiece to barbecue banquets, we are supplying exactly the right menu for each of the events we have been asked to cater for. Although everyone is celebrating the same occasion, there are many differences in the size, style and setting for each of these events, and our food reflects the uniqueness of each occasion we are catering for by being tailored specifically for each event.

Hog Roast BoxtedWhen it comes to any community spirited events, you can count on us to bring even more joy and conviviality to the proceedings with our unbeatable hog roasts, crowd pleasing party platters and sociable catering style. By preparing and serving our food in full view of our diners, we are involving everyone who is going to try our food in the cooking process and sharing with them the care and attention that we put into each plate of food we serve.

From our hog roasts to our side dishes and vegetarian options, we make everything from scratch in front of our diners using the freshest locally sourced produce and the best ethically reared meat available in the UK. We can’t wait to help people celebrate the Coronation by bringing our own special touches to the events we are catering for.

Whether you are doing your own food, or you have booked us to do the catering for you, Hog Roast Boxted hopes everyone has a great time celebrating the Coronation over the weekend with their local community!