The Best Hog Roasts In Essex!

Hog Roast Essex
Hog Roast Essex

Welcome to Spitting Pig Essex – the number one choice for event catering right across the county. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and an excellent finished product. Take for example the many spit-roasted types of meat that are the foundation for our menus, there’s a great deal of choice to be had. Spit roasted turkey, lamb, beef, pig and chicken are just 5 spit roasted meat choices that you can choose from with our Hog Roast Essex menus. Whether you are looking for a hog roast in Chelmsford to accompany your daytime wedding catering or simply want a hog roast served in a bun for a small garden party in Brentwood we are here to help.

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Hog Roast Essex

Hog Roast Essex

The Best in Hog Roast Dining

Hog Roast EssexAs a caterer we find it important to have a speciality that stands you out from amongst the crowd. Catering is a competitive game with tonnes of quality choices available on the market, but Hog Roast Essex sincerely don’t think there are any that come close to matching what our signature hog roast does.

A stylish speciality of ours, the hog roast provides everything that we believe event catering to be all about – style, spectacle, novelty, and, above all, incredible tastes produced in a high quantity too so that even the biggest events can still get served and served well!

With Hog Roast Essex you can get the very best hog roast available on the market. If you’re not too sure what exactly that means then allow us to explain. Hog roasting is an age-old practice that takes a whole pig and roasts it in the spit style. This means the pig goes over a fire pit and turns over and over for hours until it is a perfect level of golden crispness. You may have seen the traditional image of the hog or spit roast on tv before, however you will find that Hog Roast Essex’s looks just a little different as instead of a fire pit our roast is all made in a state-of-the-art machine unit that performs all the same functions and then some, while preserving the immense style of the thing and even making it easier and more manageable than ever before.

Hog Roast EssexFresh Dining For Your Events

With our roasting machines, Spitting Pig Essex are capable of providing a fresh dining experience for your events. We can set up just about anywhere. Our preference at any time is to make all of our dishes from fresh, and usually on site for not only the best-looking experience, but also the best tasting one too. Freshness goes a long way to affirming the quality of your dishes, and we find that guests tend to appreciate the experience more when they can actually see it being made in front of them too. It allows everyone the confidence that the food they are about to have is not just some reheated frozen meal, but is instead a well-cared for dish crafted to perfection.

We also find that cooking on site can add a lot to the actual experience of your event too. Part of what makes hog roast dining so popular with our customers is for the spectacle that it provides; it is a worthwhile piece of entertainment in its own right as it looks incredible while roasting. Guests come to love seeing our hog roast cook away, knowing that in just a short time they’ll be getting their hands on all of its juicy and crispy contents too! It makes for a unique style of dining as Hog Roast Essex can also serve straight from the spit too, be it for a hand pulled pork for use in rolls and wraps, or finely cut slices of pork for use in a full plate roast along with our homemade accompaniments of sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, and the perfect golden and bubbling crackling that comes as a by product of pork roasts.

You won’t find a better dining experience in all of catering; this is what it means to truly have event dining at your biggest occasions in life, and it is only available with Hog Roast Essex.

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