Why should I have a hog roast at my event when I normally have a buffet?

Hog roast is even brilliant when it comes to feeding the masses, because it produces such a huge amount of meat. Take a standard sized pig, you can look at serving over a hundred people from just that one pig and you will probably feed even more if you are serving hog roast rolls. For the budget conscious party organiser, that is a big consideration. As you can see there are a lot of very good reasons why should choose hog roast over a standard buffet. Whether it’s taste, style, the visuals or even the amount of meat that you can get off one pig, we think that hog roast has it all covered.

Does it take long to cook a hog roast and if so, why?

An idea of the typical amount of time that it takes to cook a standard sized hog roasting pig would be about six hours give or take. Yes, it is a while and as explained, there is a lot of meat to be cooked on a whole pig and what you do not want to do is scrimp on the cooking tie so you end up with a partially cooked pig. Slow roasting helps achieve the very best tasting and most succulent meat possible. Many people make the mistake of cooking meat too fast so that it cooks but loses all succulence and flavour as a result. It has no chance to mature and that means it has no chance to let its supreme flavours develop.

Can we have other types of meat cooked on the machines?

Yes. With hog roast machines, you are certainly not restricted to the meats that you can cook on them, so if you are not a huge fan of hog roast then you can change your mind and go for something else instead. One particularly popular alternative option that is often chosen by people wanting a meat other than hog roast is lamb. It’s not all about standard meats though. Poultry can certainly get a look in as you can cook a mean tasting turkey in a hog roast oven.

What will the hog roast caterer bring in order to cook at our event?

To give you a nice and simple answer, everything that he or she needs in order to deliver you great food at your event, but of course you will want to know a little more detail than that and we are happy to oblige. Our chefs always wear professional chef’s whites and provide white table cloths so that everything looks very smart. All carving and serving utensils are provided too, so they really do think of everything. Many of our clients praise our hog roast caterers for being so professional and thorough, but we believe that we are simply providing the sort of catering service that almost anyone should expect. Whatever sort of event you are planning, we think you can be sure that you will get the very best quality and professional service from your Spitting Pig hog roast caterer.

Is hog roast ideal for any sort of event?

Absolutely. The great thing about hog roast is that it is so versatile and that everybody seems to love the incredible taste that you get from it. It is one of those real all rounders of a meal that you just know everybody will love in some way or another. Hog roast really appeals to everyone and that makes it ideal for almost any sort of event that you can imagine, and this is something that has been proven to work time and time again in all corners of the country as well as at various hog roast Chelmsford events. The beauty of hog roast is that it can work very well in various settings and situations.

Is it wrong to have hog roast at a wedding?

Hog roasts work brilliantly as a formal meal. The secret is in the presentation which involves serving up hog roast just as you would any other quality meal and that means beautifully carving the meat so you have exquisite slices of delicious hog roast meat that could be any other top quality roast meat. Served with potatoes, vegetables, sauce and crackling, gourmet hog roast makes for a quite splendid and is no way a poor alternative. If anything, it is a far better option for a wedding breakfast meal. Part of the appeal of gourmet hog roast is that it looks so good and will add to the sense of style that is what weddings are so often all about.

How is a hog roast cooked?

There is a very short answer for this question and that would be ‘very well, very carefully’, but I suspect that you would like a far more detailed answer to your question! Our Hog Roast Machines are great, they provide a quite wonderful environment in which to cook the hog roast, giving the meat all the necessary elements it needs to develop that incredibly rich and succulent taste. Whether using the spit roasting kit or cooked inside the hog roast machine, you are guaranteed an unforgettable meal every time and one that is sure to make you come back for more and more, such is the moreish nature of the remarkable hog roast!

I’d love a hog roast machine of my own but don’t want to become a caterer. Can I buy one?

Many people who attend hog roast events express their interest in the machine being used and it is not surprising why. The hog roast machines are super pieces of kit that really do provide the ultimate mobile cooking environment for hog roast caterers to cook some of the very best party and event catering that you will ever experience. With all this rigidity, you are going to be looking at a really sold bit of cooking apparatus, so can you buy one? Of course you can. Many hog roast machines have been sold to private buyers, often to those that have sampled the cooking produced on one and been suitably impressed. The hog roast machines are ideal for those with the storage and the ability to make use of them, which probably means a very large garden! As for needing to become a caterer if you buy one? No, of course not. If you simply want to use the hog roast machine for your own events then why not? And it will also double up as a great barbecue station!

Our charity would like to purchase our own machine but we might want to hire one to try first. Can we do that?

It sounds like you are planning on organising some regular events with your organisation so having your own hog roast set up could certainly be a very sound idea and one that could actually help you generate some important funds. We hear from lots of organisations who have gone down this route of buying their own hog roast machine and use it at open days, bring and buy events and other similar sorts of events and they prove to be incredibly popular. And of course, you do not have to serve up hog roast for it to be a success. In fact we usually hear about these charities and groups using the machines to set up a barbecue style stall so that they can serve up burgers, hot dogs and kebabs. Now what if you find that you like the hog roast machine? Well, we think that there is an excellent chance that you will and that is why we have a special offer in place for anyone who hires a hog roast machine and promptly decides that they would like to buy it. It is our way of saying thank you. Simply contact us via email for full details.