Hog Roast Billericay were invited to the christening

There is a chill in the air now but isn’t it nice and refreshing you really do feel refreshed when you wake and isn’t it nice to sleep now! The hot nights are so hard to get to sleep but now we get into bed and have a great nights sleep, hog Roast Billericay staff have such a spring in their step and are really benefiting form the colder weather it can take its toll catering in such heat especially when you are using heat like we do on Sunday we were up with the larks full of life and heading west for a christening we are very organised and had everything we needed and more we always like to bring extra food just in case we ever fall short and we would hate that to happen. We arrived and were met by the grandparents of the child getting christened and they showed us where we could set up shop! Within minutes we had chicken, beef and lamb cooking and we then got on with making the array of autumn fresh green salad with lots of dressings and some potatoes skins with our secret recipe herbs that we cover the potatoes with to give them the unique wonderful taste. Before we knew it the christening party were back and all mesmerised by the wonderful smells of the meats we were in full swing making sure everything was ever so. Hog Roast Hire Billericay then began to lay the tables with huge plates of succulent hot sliced meat and bowls of salads and lots of potatoes skins we made a mountain of sauces and dips these are what makes our parties a lot of effort and thought goes into each one a perfect side dish for the meats and salads, the little boy was so good he just smiled the whole day a proper little charmer! Everyone tucked in and we did our selves very proud once again we left some calling cards on the tables and the guests took them and we are hoping to get some calls next week for more bookings as that is what normally happens!