Bulphan Pig Roast

Mid September already where on earth has this year gone! It really doesn’t feel like five minutes ago and we were Christmas catering and now we were full circle and into autumn. We are especially busy next month with our Halloween parties and the month after for bonfire it really doesn’t stop there is always a good excuse to host a hog roast party! This weekend we were especially busy too catering for an engagement party in Bulpha  and an evening party on Saturday evening in Bulphan and these event we really do enjoy, as we know the next day we were in for a treat a lovely long lie in which is rare I must say! Upon arrival we took out the burgers and buns and made a nice heap of fresh salad we brought ketchup a firm favourite along with mustard and lots of freshly home made relish. Hog Roast Hire were making some coleslaw another favourite and one we all enjoy making and especially eating too! Soon we were in full swing and as the guests arrived we set about making the burgers and had brought with us some nice home made sausages and they are a winner ever time. The happy couple came over and said they thought the food was the best they had ever tasted and they couldn’t believe how juicy the meat was. Stir fry was also made using lots of nice shredded Bulphan vegetables and noodles and beansprouts when the stir fry is cooked we add a delicious sauce and it is another big hit. Soon everyone was full and we could see by there faces they were very content we then set about clearing away and as we cleared away we left out calling cards on the tables for the guests to keep as you never know they may one day require our service and to be honest nine times out of ten that is the case. Hog Roasting is a very rewarding job and we have been very professional over the years and have earned our place right at the top and we couldn’t be more pleased!