Hog Roast Battlesbridge Can Cater For Your Family Friendly Celebration This Winter

When booking a caterer, it is important to consider all of the guests on your guest list and ensure that the menu you have selected will be suitable for everyone. At Hog Roast Battlesbridge, we have a variety of menus for you to choose from, with something to suit any event or guest list. Here is just one option you could enjoy…

Josie has a large extended family that is spread across the UK, with many that she only sees once or twice a year. With the festive period approaching, she is planning on hosting a family get-together for everyone to enjoy, with as many of her relatives attending as possible! The event is set to take place at her home, with Hog Roast Battlesbridge on hand to cater for the occasion. Since the guest list includes many children and young guests, the menu needed to be family-friendly and include plenty for everyone to enjoy. After discussing our catering packages, it was decided that a classic hog roast would be ideal if accompanied by a few additional main courses. This was not a problem for our team and we got to work on creating the perfect menu for the occasion!

Hog Roast BattlesbridgeIn preparation for this event, the Hog Roast Battlesbridge team will arrive at the private residence in the morning to prepare for the 2:00pm serving time. We will begin by slow-roasting the hog for over five hours and allowing it to cook to perfection. Once carved, the pork will be served in fresh bread rolls and accompanied by sage and onion stuffing, homemade applesauce, and crispy crackling. Additionally, we will be serving succulent pork sausages and veggie sausages to create hot dogs. For the side dishes, the guests can enjoy homemade chips, gourmet coleslaw, and a selection of seasonal salad dishes. This event is sure to be a great success and our catering is going to go down a treat!

To find out which catering package is right for you, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest. We hope to hear from you soon!