Hog Roast Rochford’s High-Quality Hot Dogs for a Company Event!

A local company got in touch with us recently to ask us if we could cater for an event they were organising for their staff who had been required to work on-site through the whole of lockdown. Before the ongoing restrictions were put in place, they had always kept team morale high by having regular social events and nights out but with this not being possible at the moment, they decided that they would plan something in the one place where they were still able to see each other -on their own premises! Due to social distancing requirements needing to be adhered to, they required a catering company who could provide freshly made, top quality food on-site without too many catering staff having to be there. When we told them about Hog Roast Rochford’s multifunctional catering equipment and our versatile team’s ability to cater for events of all sizes with a minimal number of staff required, they were understandably delighted that we could give them everything they needed!

Hog Roast RochfordAfter viewing Hog Roast Rochford’s impressive array of corporate catering menus, they decided that some of our gourmet hot dogs served with all the trimmings, would definitely be a big hit with their staff. They were also very pleased that even though we primarily specialise in providing meat of unrivalled quality, we also have the scope to cater effectively for different dietary needs. So, in addition to our upmarket hot dogs, we were also asked to provide veggie skewers for a tasty meat-free alternative, as well as gluten-free hot dog buns for the staff members who had these particular dietary requirements. With the minimum of fuss, equipment and staff on-site we made everything from scratch using our usual high standard of locally sourced ingredients and we were ready to serve our appealing spread right on cue! Our friendly and efficient on-site catering team ensured social distancing was maintained at all times as we treated everyone to our delicious food that had all been freshly made on the premises. The employees may not have been able to get out and about with their colleagues lately, but the Hog Roast Rochford team made sure they had a great time and enjoyed some lovely food together at their place of work!