Hog Roast Marks Tey – Something For All The Family

When it comes to providing plenty of choice and variety, our expert Hog Roast Marks Tey chefs and catering assistants always work hard to ensure that everyone invited to your party or event can enjoy our homemade food and not just the stunning hog roast centrepieces that we’re famous for. While they are our forte, having perfected them over many years, and our hog roasts are a sight to be seen, smell amazing and taste sensational, but we also understand the need to offer our customers more, either to cater for varying personal tastes, special diets or to provide more food in terms of multiple courses.

Hog Roast Marks TeyIf you want a different kind of meat to be served, we can spit-roast lamb, beef, chicken or turkey or we can cook a barbecue of any kind. We also have special Hog Roast Marks Tey menus for something somewhat different to treat your guests to, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you get to choose three marinated meat mains as well as four sides, and there’s even a vegetarian option of vegetable skewers too. Regardless of the type of special occasion that you need catering, we have something for everyone to enjoy, as we want all of your guests to be satisfied.

Nevertheless, sometimes, just one of our amazing hog roasts by itself is exactly what’s needed. Our Hog Roast Marks Tey professionals catered a private function on Saturday afternoon, where we cooked up a storm with one of our traditional hog roasts and served the hot, fresh meat and crispy crackling together with garden-fresh vegetables and potatoes, as well as our homemade trio of onion gravy, sage and stuffing and apple sauce.

After preparing the meat with water, to keep it moist, and salt, which turns the skin into crackling, our chef set it cooking slowly but surely, and it sizzled away to perfection both inside and out over several hours. Later on, we added the seasonal veg and potatoes to the inside of the machine and then nearer to the time of service, we prepared our apple sauce, stuffing and gravy. By 3pm, we had a lovely feast ready to be devoured and the guests queued up to do just that.