Hog Roast Essex – Quality Food To Impress Every Guest    

Our Hog Roast Essex professionals have spent a long time perfecting our signature dish and we’re rightly proud of it. Whether you’re thinking of featuring a sumptuous hog roast meal at your next party or event, together with salty crackling carved off the hog, as well as our homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, vegetables, potatoes and special onion gravy, or piles of pigs in buns, where we cram lovely bits of meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce into fresh bread rolls, a hog roast is a truly great way to treat your guests with mouthwatering, fresh, high-quality food.

Hog Roast EssexHowever, you may well be thinking of us serving additional or alternative dishes instead, and one look at our menus may surprise you, as we offer many different starters, mains, desserts, sides and canapés. You may prefer a spit-roasted bird or animal to be served instead of or as well as a hog roast, like quality turkeys, chickens, beef or lamb, or you may want us to cook up a barbecue of burgers, sausages and ribs. You may want us to serve our Hog Roast Essex winter warmer menu, where you get to choose the meat, seasonal vegetables and potatoes, or our Southern Slow Roast, where you choose three marinated meats from a possible five and four sides from a possible seven. Plus if you need special diets catering, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, just let us know in advance and we can easily make that happen with a suitable, specially-made dish.

Hog Roast Essex catered a party at home for Marianne yesterday, where she had asked us to provide a simple yet extremely yummy menu of our pigs in buns as the main feature. Thirty of the guests would enjoy these tasty treats, but Marianne also asked us for a vegetarian option, and decided on our highly-popular veggie skewers.

When our team arrived at the home venue yesterday, we set up our equipment and prepared and then cooked the hog for several hours, and later in the day we grilled fresh halloumi and a rainbow of veg for the skewers. Then once the meat had a rest, it was 7pm and time to satisfy everyone’s hunger with some incredibly appetising food.