Winter Warmer Housewarming Party With Hog Roast Rainham

At this time of year, when there’s a certain chill in the air, a Hog Roast Rainham winter warmer can make all the difference to your party or event, particularly if we are catering for you outdoors. With this menu, you get to choose your meat, vegetables and potatoes and we prepare, cook and serve it all hot and fresh, alongside tasty trimmings like our homemade trio of apple sauce, stuffing and gravy.

Hog Roast RainhamWith a Hog Roast Rainham winter warmer, whatever you’re planning, you and your guests get to enjoy delicious, wholesome, steaming hot food, regardless of the occasion, your venue’s location or the number of people you’re inviting. In the autumn or winter, this gorgeous menu is just the ticket, and will keep everyone toasty and more than satisfied.

However, we also know that sometimes you’ll need alternative or additional food served as well, to ensure that everyone invited gets to eat scrumptious food, which is why we have plenty of options available for those on special diets, with bigger appetites or with differing personal tastes. From vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options to sides, starters, desserts or canapés or spit-roasted, barbecued or marinated meat options, there’s always something for everyone with Hog Roast Rainham; just let us know your wants and needs in advance and we’ll do you proud.

We recently catered Michelle’s housewarming party, where she had invited fifteen friends to enjoy an outdoor feast in her new back garden. When Michelle first contacted us, she wasn’t sure if we could cater, because of the low numbers, but we can cater for any numbers at all, whether just a handful or several hundred. Most of her guests would be served one of our hog roast winter warmers but she also needed a veggie option, and she decided on our yummy halloumi and veg skewers.

On the day of Michelle’s party, our team impressed everyone with gorgeous food and great service and by the time everyone had finished, everything had been devoured – the skewers, meat, crackling, carrots, Brussels, sweetcorn, new potatoes and all our trimmings – so we know that all the guests had their hunger satisfied.