Virtual Beer festival – Hog Roast Great Saling

Hog Roast Great Saling has found a virtual beer festival: St George vs The Dragon. This will take place on the 25th of February to coincide with the 6 nations rugby match between England and Wales. It is being hosted by the Alestones pub in Birmingham and has worked up quite a lot of interest! It’ll be a fun competition, three English ales against 3 Welsh ales, who will win?

Hog Roast Great SalingHog Roast Great Saling has always been a fan of rugby and beer so the St George vs The Dragon virtual beer festival is an ideal way to celebrate. The only thing missing from a virtual beer festival is the food that’s available to soak up the alcohol. Well, Hog Roast Great Saling may just have the ideal solution for you!

Why not enjoy a delicious hot roast in the comfort of your home? To enjoy in front of the telly watching the rugby and drinking some deserved beer while joining in with the virtual beer festival.

Hog Roast Great Saling will deliver a hot, soft white bap filled with the most flavorous and tender pulled pork, tasteful sage and onion stuffing and traditional bramble apple sauce. Pieces of crunchy crackling will also be delivered for you to indulge!

Why not indulge even more with some chips on the side or maybe even something lighter like coleslaw or mixed salad?

When you enquire, let Hog Roast Great Saling know if you would prefer a different bap such as brown or cheesy or a different sauce such as bbq, mustard or sweet chilli. You can tailor your hog roast treat to what you fancy!

You choose what time you would like your meal to be delivered and can be reassured to know that it will be a covid-safe drop off.

Why not get involved with a local pub virtual beer festival and a local food business?