Hog Roast Wickford

WickfordHog roast Wickford combine original, modern cooking with a twist old with amazing service that we won’t be beaten on to give you catering happiness and joy with a traditional hog roast cooker, we excel in originality and can offer you something different for a reasonable price that might just surprise you.

We can offer you the full package with a chef and cooker and produce or you can supply the produce yourself and also do the cooking that is entirely up to you we give you the freedom to plan your event the way you want too, relaxing worries and cutting out problems with our first class service, so if you are a more hands on person and like to be in control then our equipment can help you with this, so just try hiring a cooker and become Jamie Oliver for the day with one of our self containing hog roast cookers.

Hog roast hire Wickford only stock and use the best equipment available and once you have seen how simple they are to use you will have no worry going solo on your next planned event. Our staff go that bit further to install confidence in to you, like we say our cookers are simple to use but they don’t skip on quality, they slowly cook most produce to absolute perfection with a taste to die for and compliment any occasion with great tasting yet simple food, just t he way mum used to make on a Sunday. Hog roast hire Wickford have great staff and they will come and deliver your cooker and produce of choice at your venue and will gladly answer any questions and put to rest any fears with a full run down of how to use the cookers and when is the best time to baste your produce of choice, giving you the know how to really show off to your friends, family or colleagues depending on who is in attendance at your event.

The Best Hog Roasts In Wickford

Hog roast Wickford don’t just cater for famFullSizeRenderily BBQ’s no we cover all events of all sizes with the best service available without skipping on quality we know that food is very important and we make it our mission to provide you with the best that local farmers and such have to offer, we can cater for that special wedding with alternative options to pork that add a bit more class to the more refined event, we once catered for a large wedding in Wickford and they wanted roast salmon well our roasters did an amazing job and gave the fish a slow cooking like none before and seasoned with fresh lemon it was a real hit and provided a great centre piece for all the guests to congregate round, a place to really soak up the atmosphere and catch up with old friends and loved ones alike.

We can also cook other types of produce with choice cuts of beef a real winner with our regular clients, you pick the cut and we deliver it juicy and moist with a taste to die for, every meat benefits from this modern style of cooking but with a twist of old. Chicken and turkey are our white meat alternatives and are amazing when seasoned with hand picked herbs its like a slice of Sunday but better. Meat is not all we do and can cater for the none meat eaters with fresh and crisp salads also we have home grown potatoes brilliant when slow cooked mixed with cheese a great accompany to any dish. If you can think of a meat or type of produce we have not mentioned then please ask us and we will tell you if we can do it or our cookers can do it, the answer is probably yes as we have varying sizes of apparatus that can be used in small areas or family areas as our cookers are safe and user friendly they are even usable inside and self manage the smoke leaving you free to entertain the guests and enjoy yourself, we cut out the hassle so you can relax. Our staff are highly trained professionals and adhere to all the current health and safety cooking guidelines, we only employ the best to provide the best, we don’t cut corners and concentrate all our effort on providing fresh and tasty food direct to you, so with all the bases covered give us a call today you won’t be disappointed at all.

Memorable Catering Experiences

Having lived here for most of my days, I do get to know a few of the places that surround where I live, I visit a lot of different areas in my job as a hog roast Wickford chef and do get to know the people when I’m there to try and strike up friendships for when I’m back in the area. The last job I went out on was in a place called Wickford. Anyway, the job was out on the football field for the Wickford Hornets. I’ve always been a big fan of football and was looking forward to this as I’d heard that the hornets were quite a force to be reckoned with in their age group. A few of the player’s dads had chipped in to hire me for the day and I assume to have a few beers whilst the wife went shopping! I took all the details down and sourced a fresh hog to roast; I opted for a glazed roast as the youngsters seem to prefer the sugary side of food! 

Hog Roast WickfordThe hog roast hire Wickford team have sent me to some great jobs, but this was one I was particularly looking forward to. Once I arrived on the field, I thanked my lucky stars that the sun was blazing away and the lads were all gearing up for a friendly afternoon of great football. I had prepared the hog the night before with a great deal of sea salt for that all important crackling! I scored the skin in plenty of places to ensure that everyone got a good piece of crackling. Once I lit the gas on the machine, the hog roast Wickford catering was off to a flying start, I knew that using such a large hog would mean a bit longer for the roast to be done perfectly, so I spent a little bit of time organising the rolls, stuffing and potato salad. These are the three things I have found that work better than anything else when you have a hog roast, stuffing works with all pork flavours and potato salad cools the whole thing down if it gets too much.

As kick-off approached, I realised that I had timed the whole thing perfectly; there would be an hour and a half until serving time so that meant I could watch the entire game. The surroundings of the field were beautiful, bright trees, great scenery. Almost the perfect setting for a good game! During the match, the Hornets played really well, clocking up an impressive 5 goals! I was pleased to see no bookings or red cards too, when played properly football is a great thing to watch. I heard the final whistle and checked on the hog, all done! I kept the machine on low and unveiled it to the hoards of hungry parents and told them that the winning team came up first, like in the F.A. Cup, the captain first etc.

As the young lads gathered round, I carved off a hearty piece with some stuffing and crackling and watched as he took that first bite. The look of pure delight as he tried to blow on it to cool it down was priceless! The rest of the players did the same; it seemed to me that the players hadn’t eaten for a month! They all came back for seconds, every one of them! The parents weren’t much better! They had seconds too! All I kept thinking was, ‘I’m glad I got the largest hog I could find’.Kent - Cracklin

I was pleased that the hog roast Wickford had gone so well, job satisfaction is a really important part of my life and I’m pleased that I bring joy and hunger satisfaction to so many people all around the area.