A Hog Roast Welcome To Your New Home – Hog Roast Theydon Bois

After being together a year, Isabel and Callum decided to start searching for their first home. They were eager to get the property ladder and were only looking for a few months before they found their perfect house. The couple quickly moved in and enjoyed purchasing new furniture and designing and decorating each room. Within a few weeks, they’d reached a point at which they were happy with their house and wanted to invite their close friends and family over for a housewarming party to celebrate their new home. Yet, the couple were still sorting out the kitchen as they were having a new one fitted, therefore, they needed a solution to their catering problem.

North East - canapes - chicken kebabs   Callum received a recommendation from a work colleague who had hired Hog Roast Theydon Bois and so he booked them right away. They only had a small garden, however, this did not matter as they Hog Roast doesn’t take up too much space so their little patch of grass was just perfect for the Hog Roast Theydon Bois team to set up in.

Once the Hog Roast team had set up, the couple’s friends and family arrived and were given mini-tours of the house. They were all encouraged to go and collect some food from the Hog Roast in the garden which went down a treat with Isabel and Callum’s guests. The brilliant thing about Hog Roast Theydon Bois for events like this is that the food buffet does not have to be served all at once and the guests can go back several times for more servings. The set up allows the team to keep the food warm, however, there is no fear that the meat will dry out and it will definitely be as tasty as it was at the start, right until the end of the event.

Isabel and Callum’s guests were delighted with the house and the atmosphere created by the Hog Roast Theydon Bois team relaxed the guests and the couple’s friends and family mingled nicely, The Hog Roast was a great way to make the couple’s new house feel like home.