Hog Roast Brightlingsea

brightlingseaIn my years as a hog roast hire Brightlingsea chef, I have noticed that the interest in hog roast has certainly increase. Now, whilst I would love to say this down to me and my friendly professional attitude, I think that the growth in interest for more traditional high quality food has certainly helped. All the TV chefs are on about great quality, back to basics cooking…and that is hog roast in a nutshell. My day often starts with getting some meat.

I take a lot of pride in my hog roast Brightlingsea work so I know that to stay at the top of my game, I need to deliver consistently brilliant hog roast. The one most important element to help achieve that is top meat. I am very lucky in that I have developed great relationships with some reputable pork suppliers over the years and they can source great quality meat for me every week. With excellent meat, half my job is done!

The Best Hog Roasts In Brightlingsea

My Brightlingsea hog roast diary is a busy one. With so many happy customers, I find that repeat and referral business is brisk, which is of course superb for me. This means I get to enjoy lots of events in the area from wedding receptions and corporate hospitality events to garden parties, birthdays and anniversaries. You name it in Brightlingsea and there is a very good chance that I’ve catered for it. I love cooking, absolutely love it, and hog roast is one of those feasts that you can never grow tired of cooking. Everything about FullSizeRenderit is exciting and rewarding. I think my friends grow tired of me going on about hog roasting but it really is a great option for any event. In fact I have provided hog roast for two friends parties and yes, they loved it.

The hog roasting machine is my pride and joy. Some people love their sports cars but I love my machine. This is where I do all my work. In effect, it’s my portable kitchen, desk and stage set. This is where it all happens. It has to be said that once the whole pig is in place and it’s roasting away, it does look incredible. I can guarantee that whatever event or function I attend, I will always get five or six people coming up to me asking me about the cooking and the hog roast machine. They love it.

Many people will never have seen a hog roast or indeed any meat spit roasting, other than a chicken in the supermarket, so it is a novelty for them. One of my favourite parts of the functions I attend when the hog roast cooking is really in full swing because that’s when it starts to give off that unique aroma that really just makes everyone so desperate to eat, it’s untrue. I don’t know what it is about these aromas that are so special but it must contain some chemical that triggers the brain into thinking ‘I need to eat’.

Luckily for the event guests, the waiting is usually over relatively soon and I can start serving. Carving up is always a very busy but rewarding process. ‘I can’t wait to try this, it smells incredible’ is a typical remark you get from people as they get their hog roast. Better still is when people come up to you later on in the evening and say ‘thank you, that meal was fantastic’. Sometimes, being a Brightlingsea hog roast chef really is just brilliant.

Catering To Wow Your Guests

qaIf you ever go to a restaurant with friends or family and enjoy a lovely meal, what do you do? Well, apart from nod off on the sofa when you get home, you probably tell other people about the restaurant and how good your meal was. That must a great feeling for the restaurant owners, knowing that their customers are doing their marketing for them! Well, I can understand that feeling, too. I have been a hog roast hire Brightlingsea caterer for some years now and to hear that I get such glowing reports from previous clients is fantastic.

Brightlingsea is my hunting ground and a productive place it is too. With around eight and a half thousand people in this Essex coastal town to reach, I have more than enough potential business to keep me busy, and busy I certainly am. The people of hog roast Brightlingsea love their food and adore their hog roast. Must be something in the sea air!