A Christmas Menu Feast – Hog Roast Warley

While Hog Roast Warley offers all kinds of menus to treat your guests to, regardless of the special occasion you’re organising, at this time of year, we also have a scrumptious festive menu available, featuring your choice of main, plenty of sides and trimmings, and even dessert. You can choose from either whole-roasted turkeys to keep with Christmas tradition or a slow-roasted hog in order to experience our signature food, and then feast on moist, tender meat together with pigs in blankets, homemade cauliflower cheese, sprouts, beans, carrots, peas, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary and gravy, all finished off beautifully with our mince pies and brandy cream.

Hog Roast Warley– All-year-round, we also have other speciality standalone menus on offer, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you select three meats and four sides, and our Loaded Fries, where we smother freshly-cooked chips with meat, slaw and cheese. Hog Roast Warley customers are welcome to devise their own menu if preferred, whether you’d like to just feature a stunning hog roast all by itself or have us serve several courses, like canapés, starters, sides and desserts. We also cater for guests on special diets, like gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian, as we want everyone to be able to enjoy our food; just let us know your needs when you book and all your guests will be satisfied.

For an early Christmas party that Hog Roast Warley catered recently, we were asked to serve our festive menu, and our customer decided on a hog roast centrepiece, which we slowly roasted over flames for several hours. You can’t rush a hog roast, and cooking it slowly at a low temperature ensures perfect meat that melts in the mouth and salty, crispy crackling too.

On the day of the corporate function, it was wet and cold, but that never stops our experts from providing top-notch catering services. While the hog sizzled away to perfection under our gazebo, we worked hard to create a great feast for all the guests, with all of the abovementioned elements as well as our homemade apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. By 4pm, the guests were lining up to get a taste of heaven, and that they did!