Summer Sun and Fun at a Hog Roast in Great Dunmow

 Summer sun is still here and August proven to be just a good a month as the last, at a hog roast in Great Dunmow we where catering for an annual dinner organised by the ladies group a group of charity workers who work really hard all year around collecting for various charities a dedicated bunch and they were being honoured today for all their hard work we made a delicious lunch pork and crackling of course moist succulent meat with the nicest crackling ever! Served with delicious barbequed vegetables fresh and colourful and packed with vitamins coleslaw freshly made and some potato salad too. Catering for one hundred and fifty and we had more than enough food with us and we couldn’t wait to begin! As soon as the meat went onto cook the smell just instantly gets you hungry and gets the juices flowing if you are not hungry when you arrive then you are by time you eat! Hog Roast Hire laid the tables with nice white lace napkins and white crockery and the tables looked very impressive by the time we had finished just time to add the finishing touches to the salad and when everyone took to their seats we began to slice the meat and serve and all were very eager to try the food and we had a great reception to the guests. Cooking-and-entertaining-300x200After the hog roast in Great Dunmow was served we sat and chatted to the group and we were all interested in what they had to say about the fundraising and we were intrigued by their stories and fascinated about the amount of money they had raised over the past year, we decided to do our bit as well as we thought it only fair so half the proceeds of the day we donated to the Woman’s group for their causes they were so grateful to us and they couldn’t thank us enough for donating but to be honest we love nothing more than donating to a worthy cause and do so on a regular basis we believe that you should always give something back to the community it doesn’t even have to be money it can be your time what ever you can give you should… So hats off to the ladies for organising the hog roast in Great Dunmow and money for a very worthy cause.