Kicking The Year Off Right With Our January Events At Hog Roast Thaxted

Hog Roast ThaxtedAfter a bit of much needed rest after the December festive period, the Hog Roast Thaxted team were right back to the good stuff in January with many incredible events taking us across the entire calendar month. We’re renewed with fresh enthusiasm and excitement, and our events in January couldn’t have been any better evidence of that.

Between the last few Christmas work bookings, welcoming workers back to the office with corporate lunches, and the first weddings of the year, January has had so many highlights for us to share, so here is just a few of our favourites at Hog Roast Thaxted.

With December being chock-a-block with festive staff nights out and end of year Christmas bookings, the Hog Roast Thaxted team was stretched to the max meaning we could not always fit every festive booking in. Since a lot of our customers want our highly sought after roast dining services anyway, many were willing to wait for an open slot in January instead. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with these work teams in January instead – we made sure that it was most certainly worth the wait!

Hog Roast ThaxtedOur corporate catering also got off to a flyer again in January. Once again renewing our commitment to bringing only the best of corporate dining to our business partners, Hog Roast Thaxted was able to provide expert dining services in January. One of our favourites of these is our business lunches delivered to the workplaces of our corporate partners. It proved to be a great way to welcome staff back into work after enjoying the holidays. After all, what better a motivator to return to work than knowing a roast lunch is waiting for you?

Next up was our winter weddings. There is something so magical about the winter wedding; unlike a summer wedding the whole affair feels cosier, more magical somehow – especially if it is snowing out – and we couldn’t have been any happier with how our first few catered weddings went for the year.

January got us back to doing what we love most, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2024 has to come!