Hog Roast Bicknacre Can Cater For Your Dinner Party This Spring

Hog Roast BicknacreHosting a dinner party with friends is one of the joys of adulthood, especially when you have a great group of friends to invite. For some, the cooking is the most enjoyable part of the event, while others prefer to leave the catering to someone else. At Hog Roast Bicknacre, we have plenty of menus that are perfect for enjoying at a dinner party, allowing you to enjoy the time with your guests.

Anya and her friends have always enjoyed luxurious outings and events, ranging from spa days to holidays. This month, Anya is hosting a dinner party for the 12 ladies, with a little help from Hog Roast Bicknacre. To allow the host to enjoy the evening with her guests, Hog Roast Bicknacre will be catering for the occasion with a delicious formal dining package. This menu includes three delicious courses, packed full of tasty dishes, making it the perfect addition to the dinner party.

This menu will begin with a homemade soup of the day, served alongside fresh bread and butter. Although it is simple, this is a warming and tasty way to begin the catering and prepare for the hearty main meal.

Hog Roast BicknacreFor the main course, we will be serving Whole Roasted Sirloin Of English Beef, expertly cooked before serving. This luxurious dish will be accompanied by roasted baby potatoes, a selection of seasonal vegetables, and red wine gravy. Overall, this is a luxurious and delicious main meal, with plenty for the guests to enjoy.

Finally, we will be serving a selection of desserts, accompanied by a hot drinks service. The guests can choose between chocolate torte and summer pudding, with each dish accompanied by English cream and fresh berries. We will also be serving freshly brewed tea and coffee, which is the perfect way to end a filling meal.

To book in with Hog Roast Bicknacre today, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest. We hope to hear from you soon!