Hog Roast Berden – Eurovision 2024 Garden Party!

Hog Roast BerdenOver the weekend, millions of viewers across Europe tuned in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and, as always, we were among them!

For nearly 70 years, this continental extravaganza has captivated audiences with its blend of music, spectacle, and national pride. And this year, the Hog Roast Berden team weren’t just spectators; we were part of the festivities, bringing our culinary expertise to a delightful garden party hosted by local client, Alicia!

Taking full advantage of the extraordinary weather, Alicia seized the opportunity to gather her friends and family for a cosy BBQ and Eurovision viewing extravaganza. With an inflatable projector screen set up in her garden, all eyes were on the performances, and Hog Roast Berden was entrusted with ensuring the culinary delights matched the entertainment on screen.

Led by our catering manager, James, our team wasted no time in setting up our grill, strategically positioned to complement rather than obstruct the view of the screen. The grill crackled with anticipation as we loaded it with an array of fresh, free-range meats comprising handmade beef burger patties, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, and succulent spareribs. For our vegetarian friends, we prepared veggie burgers and BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls that were bursting with flavour. And, to accompany these sensational mains, we set out baskets of gluten-free rolls and wraps, an assortment of condiments and dips, and mountainous servings of Greek and pasta salads.

As the Eurovision festivities commenced, Alicia’s garden transformed into a buzzing hub of activity. Guests indulged in our delicious grub, filling their plates before settling into their seats to enjoy the performances. Flames danced in the firepit, fairy lights twinkled overhead, and laughter filled the air, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

As the night unfolded, the Eurovision Song Contest delivered its usual blend of dazzling performances and unexpected twists, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. And, as the evening drew to a close, it was clear that Alicia’s garden party would be remembered for years to come as the perfect fusion of food, fun, and fantastic entertainment.

While the UK may not have taken home the trophy, Hog Roast Berden had a fantastic time contributing to a memorable evening shared with friends, family, and fellow Eurovision enthusiasts. And for that, we are truly grateful!