The Half Century Hog Roast With Hog Roast Brightlingsea!

This July, David turned 50 and was the last of his friends group to do so, yet all of his friends had thrown fantastic parties and he wanted to outdo them all. He decided to task his wife Julie with the job of finding the perfect venue and catering company to create his fabulous 50th birthday party. Julia’s work friends suggested Hog Roast Brightlingsea for her husband’s party. After reading the reviews and looking through the photographs of the food online, Julia decided Hog Roast Brightlingsea was perfect for the occasion and would definitely suit David and friends. After scouring the internet for venues, she decided to use her own back garden and hire a bouncy castle for the younger guests while she bought crate after crate of beer for her older guests.

Northamptonshire - pig and bread1  As lunchtime of the big day rolled around, the Hog Roast Brightlingsea team arrived and set up in the garden, readying their meat and side dishes to be freshly cooked for the long guest list that David and Julia invited. As the guests began to arrive, the party picked up and an amazing atmosphere quickly came together. With the smell of fresh food mingling with the guests and the crates of alcohol being quickly consumed by the guests, the party was turning out to be a great success.

Once the food was ready, the guests filled their plates and enjoyed a fantastic dinner in the garden’s summer heat. To his delight, many of David’s guests told him how much they enjoyed the food and that they thought his party was the best they’d had that year. The Hog Roast Brightlingsea team staff were all over the moon to receive such great compliments from the guests. In addition, David felt he’d succeeded in the competition for the best birthday party and couldn’t thank the Hog Roast staff enough for their efforts that afternoon. As the guest finished off their food, David and Julia brought out a spectacular two-tiered cake which they shared amongst their friends and family. Yet many of their guests found themselves taking their cake home in a goodie-bag after all eating as much hog roast as they could manage.