Great Essex hog roast

As is usually the case with these news postings we’re usually making progress as a company in one way or another, or if nothing else we’re kept busy each month, so there’s always something to talk about it, whether it’s a hog roast we’ve done or a hog roast we’re going to be doing.

Well this August we’ve got a fair share of both to talk about, we’ve had heavy bookings throughout August; we’ve also been getting a lot of bookings for October. All this year, actually, we’ve been receiving steady bookings for winter, in particular on the first weekend of November as it’s bonfire weekend. There are going to be parties of all variations throughout the British Isles to celebrate the occasion and we’re going to be anything but quiet. While everyone else is enjoying the extended weekend we’re on track to be fully booked a few times over. If you want a hog roast for the occasion you ‘re best to book right now, because we can’t guarantee we’ll have any spaces left in our event calendar in a month or two.

Mid August took us to Chelmsford once again to do some catering for a few of the local sports teams who’d put together a combined effort to hold an open sports day to encourage young people to get active and eat healthy. We cooked spit roasted chicken and spit roasted lamb, to help show them how good unprocessed natural foods are, even compared to the sort of processed food you find in fast food chains. It was a really fun event for us and great to be involved in something of value, and that was made all the more better by the fact that all the kids and parents really liked what we’d made and kept coming back for more of our spit roast chicken and spit roast lamb sandwiches. The day was a great success and we even got a chance to kick the ball about some when we were done making the best spit roasts known to man.

We were also at a really great party last week serving from our buffet party menu, there was a tempting selection of foods to be had, with the main being a hog roast and spit roasted beef. Aside from the birthday boys terrible taste in music it was a great event. We arrived several hours early as we usually do to begin cooking the hog and the beef, with the pig needing 5 hours of cooking time. We prepped the canapes, starters, salads and desserts on site as we always do, to guarantee extra freshness and the best hog roast experience.

At the end of August we created a hog roast spectacular for a big business seminar in Braintree, which was a great event with great food, but a great event too because I had chance to eavesdrop on the speakers and probably learnt one or two things that I’m going to implement in the coming months. There were a lot of successful businessmen and women at the event, and a boatload of entrepreneurs who’d come in from all over Britain for the event. The venue was very nice and the whole evening oozed professionalism, it was only right that we were there to offer our elite hog roast services and really take the event to the next level. We came through on our promises of a flavoursome hog roast and the company who booked us said they couldn’t have been any happier with their meal, the guests made lots of comments about how good it was and most plates were emptied, which is always fantastic to see because it means the food really went down well, because the portions we serve are always more than big enough.

We catered too at quite a few business events this month, that wasn’t the only one. Our corporate catering is going very well this year, hopefully it will continue

As always we hope that you enjoyed, or at least found interesting this news update, and if you need event catering or are thinking of hiring a machine for an event or for your restaurant, please get in touch so we can see what we can do for you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for real-time updates and blog posts.