Hog Roast Tilbury

Hog Roast TilburyI was headhunted by a hog roast hire Tilbury, they had attended a private party up north and decided I was the man for them, I decided to up sticks and move closer to Tilbury and became a ‘Wocca’ which is a name all the locals have for each other.  My job used to send me here, there and everywhere before I joined the hog roast hire Tilbury catering team.

Nowadays I cruise to different places in a smaller area. My last job was in Tilbury itself after the business was picked up by the hog roast Tilbury company by someone that had heard about them. My local butcher had secured me a fantastic free-range hog from a local farm. I hate the thought of meat travelling too far before cooking; it needs to be as fresh as possible. Once I had the hog sorted, I spent some time ensuring that the hog would have maximum flavour throughout yet retaining all the succulence and deliciousness of freshly roasted pork. This isn’t just any old bacon sandwich! After the hog was stuffed with plenty of sage and onion stuffing which I carefully crafted in my kitchen, I set to work on the most important part of any hog roast, the main event for all guests, the crackling.

The Best Hog Roasts In Tilbury

I struggle to name a finer moment than settling down to read the Sunday papers with a fine piece of olde English crackling. It’s what makes our nation proud. I tend to use a little butter and olive oil mixed with coarse-ground sea salt and a bit of paprika for added texture in the first bite. Once I have scored the skin into manageable portions, I rub the oil, butter, sea salt and paprika mixture into the skin. After 4 hours of cooking, this will be the finest thing to ever touch your lips! The hog roast Tilbury event was a great example of how to do it right, I arrived at the correct time, set up the machine and loaded the spit and hog onto the heat and set to work arranging my stall.  I began toHog Roast Tilbury have a look around the village hall and it reminded me of something I had definitely seen before. I spotted one of the event organisers and asked about the village hall, he told me that they used the hall once in the Vicar of Dibley as a set on BBC1. That’s where I’d seen it!

As the event opened and the guests started to pour in, I checked and the hog was almost ready to carve. I was asked by a young man that had arrived first if he could have the first piece carved with some crackling, I obliged. As the chap began to smash his way through the first sandwich at the hog roast in Tilbury, It made me realise that the early bird does in fact get the worm, or in this case, the keen young chap gets the first hog roast! The rest of the visitors all ordered plenty of stuffing on their sandwiches and they were all delighted with the work that I had done.  One woman asked me to come over to her house every Sunday and do a hog roast in the Tilbury suburbs every week so her and her family could eat like kings! I hope she was serious!

I thought about how the people of Tilbury are very family-minded, there is a great sense of community down here and some great places to visit. I highly recommend it and look forward to serving you the greatest piece of meat you have ever tasted, some real melt-in-the-mouth stuff.