Hog Roast Shalford

Hog Roast ShalfordHog Roast Shalford can provide inventive and high quality catering solutions for any event taking place in the village of Shalford and the surrounding area. Our delicious slow roasted pork is second to none and always keeps our diners coming back for more at every event where we provide it. Our pork is so good because we only ever use the best ethically-reared meat and we have expert chefs who are able to cook it to perfection every time.

Whilst our unbeatable hog roasts will always be the most popular option for any event in the area, we also offer a huge choice of different menu options that ensures our food will appeal to everyone, not just pork fans. This makes us a very versatile catering team who can provide comprehensive catering packages for any type of occasion in the area, from wedding receptions to community events and everything in between.

Diverse, Flexible Menus To Choose From with Hog Roast Shalford

Hog Roast ShalfordIf you would prefer an alternative to pork or you would like to sample one of our other delicious slow-roasted meats, you can enjoy some of our organic whole-roasted chicken, blushing sirloin of beef or succulent spring lamb, for example. If you have guests who don’t eat meat or have particular dietary needs, you can rest assured that we have got it covered. Hog Roast Shalford’s diverse menus are able to accommodate all tastes and dietary needs and if any of your guests have very specific requirements, we are always happy to adapt any dish to accommodate them.

We are also fully flexible in terms of the style of service you would prefer, and we offer a wide range of relaxed buffets and more formal 3 course meal options, complete with a canapé welcome reception for extra-special occasions. For more formal events, we can bring along our own friendly and efficient events team to provide attentive service from beginning to end.
Whether you would prefer a buffet or a sit down meal, we freshly prepare all of our dishes from scratch on-site using only the best locally-sourced ingredients and we are able to cater with ease in any indoor venue or outdoor setting in the whole of Shalford.

If you want high quality and attention to detail in every aspect of the food and service you receive, Hog Roast Shalford are the number one catering choice for any event in the area.