Hog Roast Ingatestone

Hog Roast IngatestoneAt hog roast hire Ingatestone we come to your event fully prepared on arrival. We are normally very early and we will quietly set up you won’t even know we are there until you start to inhale the delicious aroma of our meat cooking.  At hog roast hire Ingatestone we all come to your event wearing our uniforms from our chefs to table waiting staff we are all smart, we think it adds to the day and it assures that your guests know who we are.

We bring all of our equipment, the special carving tools are paramount in enabling us to do a professional job. When it is time to carve the pig we get everyone to their feet and everyone shows a moment of astonishment at the carving, it really is a sight to see! We then quickly plate up as the meat is best served hot we think and most agree, there is often lots to go around and guests are eager for more! It is very hard to describe the taste as words never do our meat the justice it deserves!

The first thing you notice is the colour of the meat it looks so natural and is not masked by anything artificial, the meat cuts so easily and is never ever tough our meat is always tender and falls apart so easily. Turkey in particular always has people talking as it is known for being dry but when you hog roast turkey it retains all its natural juices and tastes unbelievable. Lamb is also so tender and is a particular favourite along with the famous pig. no party would be complete without him and he is the star of the day everyone wants a closer look at the pig and we always have people crowding around the machines with the pig on and they are all fascinated.

The Best Hog Roasts In Ingatestone

Everyone walks away from each event we hold completely full and we see very little waste and even if there is any meat left we will carve it all and box it up for you to enjoy at a later date. When the event is over we clear all the rubbish and even take it all away so you will have nothing to do. Hog roast Ingatestone catering are proud to be part of this fantastic town Ingatestone sits on green belt land and is highly protected it is a mixture of old and new and has an agricultural feel.

Hog Roast IngatestoneWith history dating back to Saxon times the town has vast history and attracts lots of tourists each year, we welcome tourists with open arms and always eager to show off our wonderful town. Hog roast hire Ingatestone are now pleased to say that we are expanding the business and have enrolled a new chef to join us we are really excited as our chef has lots of enthusiasm and great ideas and we cant wait to get started! Having previously only ever kept it in the family! We thought change would be good bringing new blood into the business we feel will be a bonus and we are looking to expand further and employ more as to be honest we don’t have enough family to meet the growing needs of our growing business which has grown rapidly in the past few years, we want to be at the top of the catering world and feel with our vast knowledge and experience and the fresh new approach offered by our chef that it will be a fantastic combination!

Hog roasting is nothing new as we all know but we can perfect it like everything else in life and creating new ideas and sauces for the meat are so exciting too! We are all about the future and want to bring hog roasting out of the shadows and into the light for all to see!