Hog Roast Hornchurch

HornchurchI take a completely professional approach to all my hog roasting matters. This includes the meat I use, which simply has to be the best quality meat from a reliable source. All good meals start off with the best quality ingredients and I believe that my hog roasts deserve no different, so anyone tucking in to one of my hog roasts is tucking in to a bit of a quality dish! It’s not just a hog roast Hornchurch thing apparently.

I have heard from other caterers that hog roast really is one of the ‘in things’ when it comes to catering for special events. That’s great news for me, providing I can keep up, as I am really busy travelling all over Hornchurch sorting out hog roast events. So what’s involved and should you be thinking of giving your local hog roast Hornchurch contact a call? If you like great food, the answer has to be a resounding yes!

My professional approach doesn’t just cover the meat I use. The meat is a very important aspect of course, but the people of Hornchurch expect a lot more than that and I am delighted to provide them with just that. That means quality cooking. I am sure you have FullSizeRenderbeen to a large number of events in Hornchurch including wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events where the catering has been, how can I put this, less than inspiring. I simply think that there is no excuse for this at all. Take a wedding for example, the most important day of a couple’s life surely deserves something a little special when it comes to catering…so why do people settle for boring and lacklustre options instead of something a little more magical?

You won’t get that problem if you choose me as your hog roast caterer. Having secured some of the best available meat, it needs cooking with some respect which is why the roasting process is so crucial. Enter my hog roasting machine. This is a wonderful piece of kit and really helps me transform that quality whole pig into a delicious, mouth watering, succulent hog roast that all your guests will adore. And how do I achieve this? I achieve it slowly! Once on my hog roasting machine, it takes six hours roasting to produce the optimum hog roast. Ask all the top chefs and they will all say that slow roasting is the absolute best way to cook meat. It makes it tender and helps the meat release all those incredible flavours that are all so important to the taste of hog roast.

The Best Hog Roasts In Hornchurch

Now, most events will be doing all their cooking (or warming up) hidden out sight in the kitchens, but where is the fun that? Hog roast caterers like me like to do things a little differently and that means cooking for everyone to see. Yes, you get to see me and my hog roasting machine in action, cooking away the whole hog so that you watch as your meal is lovingly prepared. There’s nothing like seeing your meal cooked before your very aboutus-168x300eyes. If you care about good cooking, this is how it should be done.

Hog roast really is the perfect solution if you want to impress at your function. I don’t want to sound big headed but my hog can certainly help make transform your Hornchurch event into something a little bit special.

It’s strange how many of us end up in career for which we never actually studied at school. Think about it. You may work in an office and in customer service, but did you actually study that? Working in a shop or a warehouse? No, didn’t think so. Hog roast hire Hornchurch caterer? Of course not.

Sometimes the perfect career find you rather than the other way round. That’s how I became a hog roast caterer. I loved hog roast after enjoying it at a number of events and wanted to cook for hog roast Hornchurch events myself. Well, here I am, and I am pleased to say that I love my work. Better still, all my clients seem to love it, too!

Hornchurch is actually a pretty cool place to work and be based as a hog roast hire Hornchurch caterer. With over twenty five thousand people living here, I have a healthy and ready made client base and I seem to be working my way round them all pretty quickly at the moment, such is the popularity of hog roast at the moment!