Hog Roast Harwich

HarwichI am asked time and time again what it is like being a hog roast caterer and my reply is always the same I absolutely love it and feel I have the best job in the world! We at Hog roast Harwich catering are also based in one of the nicest towns in the UK with the friendliest people ever.  Our machines are so easy to use even the most novice cook could use them and that is why we now offer Hog roast hire Harwich and can proudly boast that is has been a roaring success! We deliver one of our machines to you and you can keep them for a week at a time, last summer we were really busy with people using our machines to host family barbeques, this has resulted in us buying more machines! Why not take a look at our website and decide for your self whether you would like us to cater for you or if you would like to hire one of our machines and do it your self?

Our website is full of hints and tips for the beginner hog roaster and we have lots of recipes for you to try. We introduce you to our friendly staff online and our loyal suppliers that have been with us from the very start.  We also have our menu section which shows a variety of Spitting Pig Cateringdishes we can cook for you at your event and also the cost per head, people are always shocked when they read the price and often email us or ring to make sure the price is correct, we have now since added in large lettering that prices you see is what you get! The reason the costs are so low is that we use full cuts of meat resulting in there being very little waste.

The Best Hog Roasts In Harwich

Hog roast Harwich catering are famous for our pigs and the roasting of the pig is the main reason people want hog roasting it really is a spectacular sight seeing a pig slowly turning on our machines and the smell is just mind blowing! Hog roast hire Harwich are always available for whatever you decide let us help you celebrate big or small we are there one thing we know for a fact is once you try hog roasting you will want more we now have customers using us all year around for birthdays, Christmas celebrations and for barbeques we feel sure that you will be the same and we look forward to welcoming more customers into hog roasting for many years to come!

Harwich is a fantastic costal town and was once a military settlement of a naval base. Harwich leads back to Roman times as there is evidence of early settlement back to these times and has a chapel which dates back hundreds of years. Harwich has other listed buildings and a famous lighthouse.  It has also architectural heritage, which makes this qatown so very interesting the old part of the town is now a conservation area. Having been brought up in the area and wanting to start a business that would benefit the town it seemed perfect to set up my hog roast company. Like the town its self- mixing the old with the new it seemed perfect!

It wasn’t easy at first and people were a little unsure and a bit wary of the whole process but we decided to invite the town folk to our pre opening event to show everyone what we were all about! We set up all our equipment on the beach and had chickens, lamb and the pig on the go and in no time all the locals started to appear we were all eager to hear what everyone thought as soon as they tasted the meat and everyone agreed they had not tasted better! We walked away with orders and were so pleased, it also gave us a chance to rub shoulders with suppliers and we were put in contact with the towns best.

Some people that live further afield and have never experienced hog roasting are still a little puzzled at what hog roasting is all about is they have visions of a pig roasting on an open fire, well we have come a long way since then and have now simplified the technique! With the use of the very latest in design machines, which come in brushed stainless steel, our machines not only look the part but also cook to perfection too!