Hog Roast Harwich

Hog Roast HarwichHog Roast Harwich is one of the leading hog roast companies in the whole of the UK, simply because we put our customers first and allow them to take charge of all aspects of the planning process. We can cater for all manner of events form birthday parties to weddings, and even public events such as festivals and markets. We take pride in the fact that are extremely flexible, meaning nothing is off limits as to what we can achieve. Have a certain vision in mind? Let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate your requests.

What makes us different from any other hog roasting company is that we don’t just serve crackling pork (although it is our specialty). You can opt for any meat that takes your fancy, including chicken, beef, lamb, duck – the list goes on.

Try Our Award-Winning Hog Roasts In Harwich

Hog Roast HarwichThe method showcases the meat turning on the spit to transform into that juicy goodness with a mouth-watering crispy golden skin. If desired, we can set up our equipment in the centre of the room so that all of your guests can see the cooking process taking place before their very eyes. Not only is the Hog Roast Harwich team’s food lip-smackingly good, but it can even be used as a form of entertainment for your guests while they wait to be served.

As all events are completely different, we understand that the catering style need to fit the atmosphere. Therefore, formal occasions such as wedding receptions or corporate events may be suited towards our three-course dinner served by a team of friendly waiting staff, while you may prefer a help-yourself service or buffet spread for more relaxed events with a few friends and family. It really is your call. The good news is that we will always work to your budget, so you never have to worry about overspending on catering. One thing we can guarantee is regardless of the service you choose, you’ll still be treated with the same quality food.

The Hog Roast Harwich team cannot wait to hear from you, so get in touch today to make plans for your big day.