Hog Roast Earls Colne

Earls ColneBeing a hog roast hire Earls Colne caterer I get to provide hog roast for a really huge range of events. Hog roast is the sort of meal that really can adapt to any sort of environment or situation and I think that is part of the growing appeal of hog roast. One of the more popular requests is for garden parties (yes, I know the British weather is not perfect for these but they are very popular) and these are often fantastic affairs, great fun and very relaxed. I set up in a nice confer of the garden and get doing my thing. Hog roast rolls are the order of the day for garden parties in Earls Colne and they always go down a treat. The crackling makes a nice little add on which the little ones love.

I always used to envy people who were doing a job that they really enjoyed. I always thought how brilliant it would be to get up in the morning and know that you had a wonderful day of work ahead. Well, now I don’t have to be envious as I am now well into my perfect career providing hog roast hire Earls Colne services and I have to say that I enjoy every minute. This is a quiet little corner of Essex, in fact I think there are only about five thousand people living here but it’s a lovely little place is my hog roast Earls Colne. It’s actually got a bit of history to it, this lovely little village, and you don’t get more important than the second world war. The airfield was a base for RAF bombers in the war, so you could say we played our part in securing victory!Hog Roast Earls Colne

Life is good as a hog roast hire Earls Colne caterer. I get to meet loads of people and, better still, I get to put a big smile on their faces by producing some brilliant food, even if I do say so myself. It’s strange because I get most of my work through recommendation, but in a way this is the very best way to get yourself known because good recommendation is priceless. It means that somebody thought I did a brilliant job, and that is very reassuring!

The Best Hog Roasts In Earls Colne

The hog roast Earls Colne services that I provide utilise take advantage of some pretty nifty new roasting technology, but the general principles of cooking a hog roast remain the same. The whole process is far more effective and makes for a lot less hassle. That’s important because, well, not many places can provide me with a huge, roaring open hearth fire with a roasting spit! It would be good and certainly very retro but I think I’ll stick to me modern kit! It gives me total control of every aspect of the hog roast cooking process…plus it makes me look like a bit of hog roast rock star!

The whole look of hog roasting is something that makes hog roasting a bit special. It looks brilliant and I certainly lots of admiring glances keeping an eye on what I’m doing. Many have never seen a whole pig being spit roasted – particularly the youngsters – so it is a bit of a novelty for them. I think the adults like it too as it reminds them of how cooking should be: nice and simple with great joints of meat none of your modern microwave rubbish.

bread and dishesI’ve also done a fair few corporate type events and these are very different, though no less enjoyable. These can be pretty smart affairs so it usually means it’s time to be a bit more formal with the hog roast. A lot of people   seem to think that hog roast could not possibly do ‘posh’…at least they don’t until they see it with their own eyes. I am proud to say that I can produce a pretty smart plate of gourmet hog roast for corporate events. Definitely a plate of food to impress those important guests. And of course, I can do this sort of presentation for wedding receptions, too. In fact I am getting more and more wedding receptions, so word must be spreading. Carved hog roast really does look quite brilliant.

The best thing about my job though is the feedback. I have done lots and lots of hog roast occasions in Earls Colne now and I have always had a tremendous response to my food. What more could you want from a job? Happy faces and full tummies makes me a happy hog roast caterer.