Hog Roast Coggeshall

pig 11Hog roasting is the oldest method of cooking and dates back centuries, meat being cooked over an open fire… I think we can all say we have seen images of the old methods of hog roasting either on TV or in books. Maybe you have a birthday or christening event coming up and it is a small gathering then you may just want to do the cooking your self and you can! Anyone can use our machines they are so simple to use and the meat just cooks it self.

Don’t be put off thinking that the machine looks complicated because it really isn’t, and we don’t just deliver the machine and leave you to get on with it our delivery driver will show you exactly how to set up the machine and take you through the basics of cooking your own hog roast, showing you exactly what to do! he will also leave you an easy step by step leaflet on how to operate it… its so simple!. We can even supply you with a pig! We prepare the pig and it comes packed nice and fresh with your machine ready to cook.  So why not hire one of our machines today for an up and coming event, also you are not restricted to using the machines out door they can also be used indoor too! Hog roasting is the future and looks clear it is here to stay.

The Best Hog Roasts In Coggeshall

Hog Roast CoggeshallIn certain countries today hog roasting is still popular and we made it new as we put the fun into hog roasting by using them for parties. Coggeshall has won numerous awards such as Best Kept Village Award and Village of the Year, the town folk are extremely proud of their town, Coggeshall is famous for its listed buildings and it does boast quite a few, and is well known for its antique trade which is still very popular today. Coggeshall is an interesting town with lots to do and see and has lots of visitors each year it has such nostalgia and the locals are passionate about that and very protective over Coggeshall. To be honest I didn’t think twice about coming here as it had been recommended by lots of people and I could see a gap in the market and it did seem the perfect place to base and for the past seven years it has been home!

Hog roast hire Coggeshall have served the town well we take orders from further afield too! Let me explain the secret of our success it is good old fashioned cooking it really cannot be beat! We want value for our hard earned cash these days but we also want to impress and that is what we are all about. If you would like to use Hog roast Coggeshall catering for an event then give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain what we have to offer and we have lots! Not only will we come to you and arrange a party we also offer Hog roast hire Coggeshall we have a full range of beautiful machinery that you can hire from us for a week at a time, fantastic even if you are just wanting to use one for family and friends during the summer for out door barbecuing it is easier than slaving in the kitchen over a stove!.

We do believe that peoples pallets have changed over the years. We went through a faze years ago for small portion fancy food but I think it is safe to say that it has fizzled out. Food that was all about decoration at one point was all the rage and about ten years ago was really on vogue at one stage but I think real food has made such a come back in the last few years and our success is proof of that.  We found that when researching our new business venture seven years ago that people wanted something new they also wanted back to basics with good hearty meals and we came up with the perfect solution, Hog roast Coggeshall catering delivers both! And you could say we have never looked back. In the beautiful town of Coggeshall we decided to set up shop, this town has a small population enabling the feel of a great community spirit, the town has a market, which is on once a week and has been going strong for the past few hundred years.