Hog Roast Chipping Ongar

Chipping OngarHog roast Chipping Ongar. I love everything about hog roasting; it’s just a perfect feast and ideal for pretty much any occasion. I know that I would say that but it’s true. I’ve done almost every type of event and hog roast has gone down a storm at each and every one of them. I’ve catered for big corporate hospitality events where you just know that this is the client’s opportunity to impress some important clients of their very own, so the pressure is on.

That said, every one of those occasions has gone really well and the novelty of having hog roast rather than a beef dinner or something else pretty standard always seems to go down well. Guests at corporate events also seem to love the fact that the food is being prepared right there for them. It looks brilliant too. I often think that having a really charismatic meal such as hog roast as a sort of centrepiece to an event must be great to see, and probably sends out a bit of message. We care about good food and we want you to have a fantastic evening.. When it comes to hog roast hire Chipping Ongar services, I really am the person to call.

How did I get into the hog roast business? Well, it’s a little unusual really. I always liked history as a child and Chipping Ongar is riddled with history, not least the remains of bread and dishesOngar Castle. I was fascinated by stories of castles and of course many a hog roast were cooked in these sorts of castles. I thought this was brilliant and always held the ambition to one day cook hog roast in a grand castle. Alas, that dream did not come true but when the chance to set up as a hog roast hire Chipping Ongar caterer came about, what can you do but accept! So although I’m not living the dream, I have come pretty close, and it has to be said that I love my role.

Chipping Ongar may seem a like a relatively small location but don’t be fooled, this is a very busy place. You are not too far from the capital here either, which makes hog roast Chipping Ongar commuter territory. If you think about it like that, I have an awful lot of potential clients. Actually, forget ‘potential’ as I have plenty of real clients. You should see my diary; it is packed!

Leaders In Our Field

It’s not all corporate events, business deals and smart suits though. I get to cook hog roast at many other fantastic events, too. Garden parties are one of my big favourites. They are always so much more relaxed, people are more chilled and the serving is less formal. These sorts of events tend to require hog roast on rolls, which is the perfect party food for any Chipping Ongar event: bottle in one hand, roll in the other. That’s what parties are all about.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, sportsman’s dinners, charity events…I’ve done them all, and the good thing is that hog roast really suits all of them. Maybe a lot of the success of hog roasting is down to the fact that it just tastes so good, and that could be because I use nothing but the best meat. You might think that using any old whole pig would be fine but I would not even consider that. You have to use great quality meat because the quality would just not be the same. It’s just like choosing a cheap wine or beer; you know that it’s nowhere near the quality you expect. I choose prime pork from a good supplier who I have relied on for years. You’ll get no compromises from me when it comes to meat at a Chipping Ongar event.

I make sure this great whole pig gets an equally great time being cooked, too. I start off my hog roast before your event because each one takes a full six hours to cook. It is worth it though because you only really appreciate the full flavours after a long slow roasting. With people all over Chipping Ongar having experienced my hog roasts, I think it’s about time that you took the plunge too so get on the phone and book me before someone beats you to it!