Is it wrong to have hog roast at a wedding?

It used to be the case that weddings all over the UK were really very similar. The dresses were always white, the groom and the best man all had the same suits and the marriage ceremony always took place in a church. Well, how times have changed. Marriages now take place in many different locations including theatres and football grounds and the dresses that I have seen recently range from the outrageous and to the space age (Star Trek weddings? I’ve seen one!). Even the way people march into church (if indeed it happens in church) is sometimes an orchestrated event to a certain piece of music. All this means that the food served at the wedding breakfast is open to whatever interpretation you want, and if you fancy hog roast then you can have it.

In all fairness, hog roast is actually a brilliant choice for a wedding breakfast, especially when served up as a gourmet hog roast. Although you are probably more familiar with hog roast rolls, hog roast works brilliantly as a formal meal. The secret is in the presentation which involves serving up hog roast just as you would any other quality meal and that means beautifully carving the meat so you have exquisite slices of delicious hog roast meat that could be any other top quality roast meat. Served with potatoes, vegetables, sauce and crackling, gourmet hog roast makes for a quite splendid and is no way a poor alternative. If anything, it is a far better option for a wedding breakfast meal. Part of the appeal of gourmet hog roast is that it looks so good and will add to the sense of style that is what weddings are so often all about, but you do not have follow with convention and if you want to have hog roast rolls for your wedding breakfast then there are no rules to say that you can’t! All in all, hog roast is the perfect partner for your wedding day. A great looking meal that tastes fantastic and that everyone loves. Some might say it is a marriage made in hog heaven!