What will the hog roast caterer bring in order to cook at our event?

To give you a nice and simple answer, everything that he or she needs in order to deliver you great food at your event, but of course you will want to know a little more detail than that and we are happy to oblige. When you book your catering with us, you may have chosen from our extensive menu options and this will obviously have an impact on equipment and the ingredients that our catering team bring with them. A lot also depends on the type of venue and how early our caterer will be able to set up. If it is a wedding then there is every chance that they will be allowed to setup eight hours in advance of the meal being served, but for more standard functions this may not be possible. On these occasions it may be that that the hog roast is cooked to some degree in advance then finished off at the venue itself. This is quite normal. If your event is one that is planned for outside then it is highly likely that the chef will bring a gazebo as this will provide them with all important shade from the elements, especially if your hog roast Essex event takes place on a lovely sunny day!

Of course, pride of place and the most important piece of the hog roast caterer’s kit is the hog roast machine itself, without which not a lot can be done at all! The hog roast machine is quite an imposing piece of equipment but in a nice way. It looks very smart and impressive and will certainly add a little to the visuals of the day, and most definitely so when the whole pig is added to it. Together this makes for a quite spectacular and will be something that all your guests will love staring at once it is in place. Of course, this is assuming that you are going to be dining on hog roast. If you have chosen an alternative meat then it will still look suitably impressive, make no mistake! Of course, what makes Spitting Pig hog roast catering so special is not just the incredible tasting food that we deliver day in and day out but the impeccable professionalism of all our staff in everything that we do and this extends to the way they dress and set out the tables. Our chefs always wear professional chef’s whites and provide white table cloths so that everything looks very smart. All carving and serving utensils are provided too, so they really do think of everything. Many of our clients praise our hog roast caterers for being so professional and thorough, but we believe that we are simply providing the sort of catering service that almost anyone should expect. Whatever sort of event you are planning, we think you can be sure that you will get the very best quality and professional service from your Spitting Pig hog roast caterer.