I am quite interested in becoming an Essex based hog roast caterer. Will there be enough opportunities for me?

We are delighted to hear that you are thinking of becoming a hog roast caterer in Essex. You obviously know your stuff and realise that there are lots of people out there who would love to have hog roast at their event or special occasion. And of course, you are right to question whether there are going to be enough opportunities for you. It is a common sense concern that have raised and one that anyone with a plan to go into business should raise. Luckily, we think we can put you at ease over any worries that you may have. It is always a good idea to have a look around where you live to get a good idea of how popular you feel you may be if you were to launch yourself into this exciting new career. After all, if your neighbourhood is going to be your working domain, you want to be sure that your ‘patch’ is a worthwhile one. Maybe you know about the local pubs and hotels in the area? That could be really useful as these are going to be prime locations where a hog roast event could take place. But don’t just look around the immediate area, look a little further afield because locals may book you for functions that are to take place outside of your immediate area. Not that it should bother you of course. Work is work, isn’t it?

So you have a good idea of all the local clubs, hotels and pubs? Excellent but there will be many other venues that have held similar sorts of events previously, for instance sports centres and youth clubs, community centres, council owned sports venues, football and cricket clubs. All these are good opportunities for your business. Many a hog roast has been held at a cricket club during the summer and winter months and football clubs – no matter how small – are all good venues that try to keep busy all year round. And of course, we have not even touched up the private parties that people have in their lovely big houses with huge back gardens. There are sure to be a fair few of those in Essex! There are sure to be lots of hog roasting opportunities, but just make sure that you do your homework first.