Why should I have a hog roast at my event when I normally have a buffet

If you want to do something that has been dome a thousand times before that people are okay with but hardly get excited about then stick with a buffet but why should you settle for something boring and ordinary when you can do something much more exciting. Catering for a special event should be just that: special. There is nothing at all special about plates of barmcakes and cold meats. Yes, people will tuck in and say it is very pleasant but you can offer them something a lot more tasty and exciting for relatively little extra cost. Hog roast is the perfect alternative. People have been putting up with boring buffets for decades, during that time they have hardly changed and given special occasions a bad name. You just used to know that if you were invited to a party or an anniversary, you were going to be subjected to the same bland and boring options that you had so many times previously, so why bother? Instead of making your event a boring Essex event, why not push the boat out and celebrate with a hog roast Essex event?

Hog roast is light years ahead of a bog standard buffet in every respect. It is actually unfair to mention them in the same sentence because hog roast really so far superior, it is silly! When you choose a hog roast for your event, you are choosing superb quality cooking that all your guests are going to truly adore because let’s face it, everybody loves a roast don’t they. Hog roast has a sort of universal appeal and everyone will be licking their lips when they smell the incredible aromas in the venue as the pig nears completion. It really does smell fantastic and will certainly add to air of expectation in the venue as you all look forward to sitting down and eating. Hog roast looks fantastic, too. As a visual treat for your guests, there is not that much that can beat the appeal of hog roast. How incredible does a hog roast look as it cooks slowly away? Really incredible! Seeing a whole pig slowly cooking is a treat and one that all your guests can enjoy. And of course, this just goes to show that the meat is freshly cooked, not taken out of a fridge and warmed up like many other catering options.

Hog roast is even brilliant when it comes to feeding the masses, because it produces such a huge amount of meat. Take a standard sized pig, you can look at serving over a hundred people from just that one pig and you will probably feed even more if you are serving hog roast rolls. For the budget conscious party organiser, that is a big consideration. As you can see there are a lot of very good reasons why should choose hog roast over a standard buffet. Whether it’s taste, style, the visuals or even the amount of meat that you can get off one pig, we think that hog roast has it all covered.