How is a hog roast cooked?

There is a very short answer for this question and that would be ‘very well, very carefully’, but I suspect that you would like a far more detailed answer to your question! Of course, the hog roast is a very traditional meal that goes back centuries to medieval times. If you were to plan a hog roast back in those days then it would be a case of setting up a rather sizable fire and a spit then spending a few hours ensuring your meat was well cooked before tucking in. Hog roast has been eaten continuously since medieval times but it seemed to have disappeared as a catering option for generations, which was a terrible shame. Luckily, companies like Spitting Pig have helped reverser this decline and this has seen hog roast enjoy a wonderful renaissance which has seen it become one of the of the most popular new catering options in the UK with thousands opting for hog roast as their event food every year.

Hog roast is quite a unique tasting food in that it really offers a wonderfully rich flavour yet has a succulent taste that is mouth watering. Many people who sample hog roast for the first time comment that it is like the very best of roast dinners, combing all the features of a great roast dinner but magnified into one incredible roasted meat taste that is quite unbeatable. Not bad for an old medieval dish! The chances of building a huge open fire over which to cook a hog roast in a hotel or function venue are nil to be honest, which is why hog roast machines are so brilliant. They provide a quite wonderful environment in which to cook the hog roast, giving the meat all the necessary elements it needs to develop that incredibly rich and succulent taste. Whether using the spit roasting kit or cooked inside the hog roast machine, you are guaranteed an unforgettable meal every time and one that is sure to make you come back for more and more, such is the moreish nature of the remarkable hog roast!