Does it take long to cook a hog roast and if so, why?

If you compare hog roast cooking to more traditional meals such as a roast chicken or a turkey then you would have to say yes, it does take a lot longer but you would also have to say that it makes sense. A whole pig is a big animal, and even a smaller pig has a lot of bulk to it and that inevitably means that it is going to take quite a while to cook all the way through. An idea of the typical amount of tie that it takes to cook a standard sized hog roasting pig would be about six hours give or take. Yes, it is a while and as explained, there is a lot of meat to be cooked on a whole pig and what you do not want to do is scrimp on the cooking tie so you end up with a partially cooked pig. Not only will that ruin your food but it will also make you ill. Whilst there is a lot of meat on a standard sized pig, there are other factors that you need to take into account when cooking a pig that are not so obvious until you actually start eating the results. If you want a brilliant and delicious meal that tastes like it was cooked by a top chef then it needs to be slow roasted and that is exactly what six long hours of hog roasting will give you. Slow roasting helps achieve the very best tasting and most succulent meat possible. Many people make the mistake of cooking meat too fast so that it cooks but loses all succulence and flavour as a result. It has no chance to mature and that means it has no chance to let its supreme flavours develop.

Slow roasted hog meat on the other hand is amongst some of the very finest tasting meat that you will ever experience. Those six hours really give the meat a chance to develop that incredible flavour and result in one of the best roasted meat flavours known to man, it is that good. It is also one of the reasons why the hog roast caterer always chooses meat with a good layer of fat on it as this very important to the cooking process. A good layer of fat may seem a bit over the top but the importance it serves is crucial. The fat stops the meat from drying out in those six hours cooking as well as imparting extra flavour on the meat. And of course, it helps the crackling taste extra special too. That’s a lot of reasons why hog roast takes so long to cook but this is what you can expect if you choose to serve great food for your guests. They say that good things take time and hog roast really is something good. The alternatives may be quick but they won’t taste anything like as good, so make sure you go for quality rather than speed when you next book your catering.