Our charity would like to purchase our own machine but we might want to hire one to try first. Can we do that?

It sounds like you are planning on organising some regular events with your organisation so having your own hog roast set up could certainly be a very sound idea and one that could actually help you generate some important funds. We hear from lots of organisations who have gone down this route of buying their own hog roast machine and use it at open days, bring and buy events and other similar sorts of events and they prove to be incredibly popular. And of course, you do not have to serve up hog roast for it to be a success. In fact we usually hear about these charities and groups using the machines to set up a barbecue style stall so that they can serve up burgers, hot dogs and kebabs. It really is a good idea, especially on those days when the sun decides to go AWOL and the temperature drops off.

Whilst hog roast machines are very affordable pieces of equipment and certainly not the most expensive ones out there (despite being the best of course), investing in a hog roast machine can be a sizable investment for a small organisation so we do agree that hiring one to start off with is an excellent idea. Why not hire one for a forthcoming event and see how well everything goes? It is a great opportunity to get to grips with the machine and see how easy it is to cook with it. It may seem a tiny bit daunting at first but there is no need to worry as you can use our DVD manual to see how it is all done. And in truth, if you have ever used a gas barbecue before, you should be absolutely fine. Now what if you find that you like the hog roast machine? Well, we think that there is an excellent chance that you will and that is why we have a special offer in place for anyone who hires a hog roast machine and promptly decides that they would like to buy it. It is our way of saying thank you. Simply contact Spitting Pig for full details.