Can we have other types of meat cooked on the machines?

Yes. It is a fact of life that you cannot always keep all the people all the time and that applies very well when it comes to food. I am sure that with every event you have ever been to you have usually found that there is someone who doesn’t like the meal that’s on offer. With hog roast machines, you are certainly not restricted to the meats that you can cook on them, so if you are not a huge fan of hog roast then you can change your mind and go for something else instead. One particularly popular alternative option that is often chosen by people wanting a meat other than hog roast is lamb. Lamb is always a popular with people as a traditional meal option so it is not surprising that it should find favour with people looking for tasty alternative to hog roast. Lamb cooks quite beautifully in a hog roast machine and delivers the same great same succulent quality that you get when cooking hog roast, although it does not take as long. Lamb is a delicate yet uniquely flavoured meat and it is certainly one that you should consider very carefully. Maybe your preferred hog roast Chelmsford alternative option is beef? If so then you will not be disappointed by the results that you can achieve with a hog roast machine. It really is quite impressive what great results you can achieve with a hog roast machine on meats other than pig and beef is another option that really can put a smile on your face. Roast beef is always a popular choice and the results of cooking beef in these machines will not leave you disappointed one bit, in fact you may even prefer the results to your standard roast beef. Incredible flavour and texture almost guaranteed.

It’s not all about standard meats though. Poultry can certainly get a look in as you can cook a mean tasting turkey in a hog roast oven The big birds can be quite easily accommodated on the machine and you will get superb tasting turkey every time. Or then again, may you like a lovely bit of roast chicken? If so then you really have to look out for our chicken spit attachment. This magical little attachment allows you to do something quite special by spit roasting up to 36 chickens at once. That’s a lot of chickens and a lot of great tasting food! Ideal for those events where people love their chicken. Last but not least, if you really want to keep things simple at your event, why not get a barbecue going? Incredibly, the hog roast machine is so versatile that – with the barbecue attachment – it can be transformed into a superb barbecue bar allowing you to expertly cook burgers, sausages and kebabs. This makes it just perfect for those events where you have really fussy eaters who like things a little more traditional. Hog roast machines are certainly flexible and not just suitable for pigs.